16 sessions   40 hours
Rolling schedule: Pick any session to attend from the course schedule


This is a shorter and more compact course. It will includes all aspects of jewellery making while skipping the more in depth approach. This class uses more pre fabricated materials such a tubing, Sheet and wire. While incorporating a complete understanding of the jewellery making process in an amazing fun packed and demanding four weeks.

Level 1: Beginner –  Introduction to Jewellery making
Introduction to saw piercing, soldering, filing and finishing techniques

– 10 hours $ 2950

Level 2: Follow on – (Creative Option) 

Introduce Advance Polishing Technique

– 10 hours $ 3300

Level 3: Specialist Technique (Wax Carving)

Introduce Wax Carving Technique

– 10 hours $ 3800

Level 4: Gem Setting  (Bezel Setting)

Introduction of Gem Setting Technique

– 10 hours $ 4450

Special Promotion:

Full course: $13,000 ( more than 10% off )

(Each level we will provide up to 22 gram of silver for students to make 1-2 pieces of jewellery)

Add- on Bench Rental at the studio after class:
Allow students to practice the skills taught in the class, and use the tools and equipment in the workshop ( no teacher provide for bench rental)

4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. ( 2 hours each day after class )

$1600 for 8 days

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