GRS Intermediate Jewellery Engraving Programme

Duration :   
5 Days Programme

April 16th – 20th, 2018 Monday to Friday
9am – 6pm with lunch break

GRS Instructor:  Mr Todd Daniels from the US

This course focuses on one of the more profitable opportunity-filled market segments: real-world, small-scale hand engraving on jewellery.
This course concentrates on new methods of layout, special pattern designs, graver shapes and sharpening, bright cutting, and other techniques for attractive and efficient engraving. Also, you will study bright script lettering inside ring engraving, miniature scrollwork, miniature decorative designs and proper use of millgrain tools.
GRS Training Centre Certificated will be provided for the course completion.

Course Objectives:

  • Re-introduction of equipment and tools
  • Refresher on tool preparation including accurate sharpening and polishing
  • Using transfer techniques for design & layout for engraving and hand-drawn designs
  • Designing and engraving borders for use on many types of jewelry pieces
  • Millgrained edges
  • The most popular bright cut floral designs along with new and creative styles
  • Designing and engraving script lettering including inside ring engraving
  • Engraving block lettering

Open to students who have completed the Hatton’s jewellery programme or gem setting course.

HK$ 20,000 (inclusive of  Combo Tools Set)

Payment Terms:
Full payment must be made upon confirmation. No refund and course is non transferable*

*Should there be any unforeseen change or cancellation we will refund in full.
Limited seats for 12 students.

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