GRS Intermediate Stone Setting Programme

Duration :   
5 Days Programme


GRS Training Centre Certificated will be provided for the course completion.


JUL 30 – AUG 3, 2018
9am – 6pm with lunch break

上午9點 – 下午6點 午餐休息

GRS Instructor:  Mr Todd Daniels from the US

This course is designed to provide instruction on critical components of professional diamond setting techniques. The course material concentrates on perfecting bead and bright cut procedures and successfully utilizing them in other stone setting applications. Students use a combination of power‑assisted tools, a microscope, and various hand-created implements combined with setting procedures to achieve superior end results.

Course Objectives:

  • Creating specialized tools and the use of gravers and special geometries
  • 設計專門的工具,正確地使用雕刻刀和幾何圖形

  • The use of various fixtures and materials for workholding
  • 使用各種夾具和材料固定位置

  • Workstation layout
  • 工作臺佈局

  • How to create a flawless polish on gravers to achieve exceptional bright cuts
  • 為雕刻刀創造一個完美無瑕的拋光,以實現卓越的明亮切割技巧

  • How to avoid tool breakage
  • 如何避免工具破損

  • Tips for quickly modifying tools to maintain optimal performance
  • 快速修改工具以保持最佳性能

  • Microscope use for superior end results
  • 正確地運用顯微鏡達到卓越的效果

  • Use of carbide versus high-speed steel (HSS) tools
  • 硬質合金與鋼(HSS)工具的使用

  • Specialized use of burs in the metal excavating process
  • 利用在金屬挖掘過程中專門使用的鑽頭

  • Optimal approaches for various metals
  • 挑選各種金屬的最佳用法

  • Bead and bright cut
  • 珠子和明亮的切割方法

  • Regular pave setting
  • 標準的密釘鑲

  • Channel and flush setting
  • 壁鑲和藏鑲

  • Multiple approaches to layout
  • 多種設計布局

  • Proper polishing and finishing
  • 適當的拋光和整理

Open to students who have completed the Hatton’s jewellery programme or gem setting course.

HK$ 20,000 ; Early Bird Offer HK$18,500 (inclusive of  Combo Tools Set)

Payment Terms:
Full payment must be made upon confirmation. No refund and course is non transferable*

*Should there be any unforeseen change or cancellation we will refund in full.
Limited seats for 12 students.

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