For Corporate

Team Building Workshop

  • Pair with your colleagues to make jewellery pieces.
  • What you, and your colleagues, can gain after this workshop:
    • Hands-on jewellery making experience.
    • Trust.
    • Communication.
    • Appreciation.
Jewellery Retail Staff Development

  • Target: Staff in Jewellery Retail Industry
  • Provides behind-the-scene knowledge of jewellery making:
    • Understand the materials.
    • Understand the tools and techniques used in jewellery making.
    • Hands-on jewellery making experience.
    • Learning real craftsmanship.
Jewellery & Craftsmanship Discovery

  • Learn about:
    The history of jewellery and craftsmanship.
    Different tools used in jewellery making.
  • Tour around our jewellery making studio space.
  • Demonstration of jewellery making process.
  • Chance to try hammering.



Information on Corporate Workshop

If you have any specific requirements or needs, or any inquiry regarding our offerings for corporates, please do not hesitate to contact us at or (+852) 2857 7751.





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